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Welcome to Lake Chapala!

Carretera Jocotepec-Chapala #131, San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jal. México. Office: 37-6688-2626

Welcome to Lake Chapala!


San Antonio Tlayacapan is located between Chapala and Ajijic. With a charming plaza and population of around 5,000, San Antonio offers traditional Mexican charm. But San Antonio is also the location of the Centro Laguna Mall, Walmart, and boasts a new hospital just opened in 2019.

In San Antonio along the carretera (the main road that links the Lakeside towns from Chapala to Jocotepec) are stores and restaurants catering to the tastes and needs of the expat community.  Also in San Antonio are the Lakeside Little Theater and Spotlight Club with live shows and music.

Popular neighborhoods in San Antonio include Chula Vista, Mirasol, Chula Vista North, El Dorado, Vista Alegre, and more.

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