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Welcome to Lake Chapala!

Carretera Jocotepec-Chapala #131, San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jal. México. Office: 37-6688-2626

Welcome to Lake Chapala!


Is it really that much cheaper to live in Mexico? Yes. A more affordable cost of living is one of the main reasons retirees first think about living here at Lake Chapala. Instead of counting pennies in the country of their birth, they choose to spend their days in the wonderful Lake Chapala climate and live a richer lifestyle and can also afford a housekeeper and Gardener. Depending on where you are from the cost of living Lakeside can be 30 to 50% less.

Here are just a few example: 

Property taxes are much less. On an average home expect to spend between 100 and $200 US per year.

Telephone service including internet and long-distance will cost you around $20 US per month.

Moderate electric use in an average home without swimming pool you can expect to spend somewhere between $25 and $35 US every 2 months.

Propane which is used for cooking and heating hot water can be budgeted at around $15 to $20 US  per month.

Food costs are a little more difficult to estimate as each person’s taste and appetites vary. But here is a website which shows the prices of various grocery items.

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