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Welcome to Lake Chapala!

Carretera Jocotepec-Chapala #131, San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jal. México. Office: 37-6688-2626

Welcome to Lake Chapala!


What activities can you do in the Lake Chapala area? What do you enjoy? Chances are you can do it at Lakeside or nearby.

For the athletically inclined there is a paved bike lane, year-round golf courses, tennis and pickleball courts, gyms, dance – Zumba – yoga classes, and numerous hiking trails. Not to mention horses available to rent for riding.

Horseback riding in the mountains above Lake Chapala

There are two cinemas that show movies in English and the Lake Chapala society has the largest library in Mexico of books available in English.

There are clubs and organizations for nearly every activity, from the fishing club that meets on the first Monday of every month to several garden clubs.  There are two chapters of Rotary Club, and two American legions here in the area. There is a local group of Toastmasters, and a literary guild.

Volunteering is a popular activity among the many of the expats here, you can volunteer at one of the many orphanages, at one of several dog/cat rescues, at a home for the elderly, etc..  the opportunities for volunteer work are nearly endless.

If you want to show off your talents, there are two local theaters, choirs, local talent contest, numerous opportunities for karaoke, and a local ukulele band.

Actually there’s so much available to do here your days can be as busy as you want. People often have to keep a calendar to keep track of all their events and commitments.

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